Trio Mokili

Trio Mokili play roots and jazz-inflected renditions of music from across the African continent:  Ethiojazz, Nigerian Afrobeat, Zimbabwean mbira music, Ghanaian Palm Wine, Malian desert blues, and more.  Guitarist Nathaniel Braddock is considered a North American authority on African guitar styles, leading the internationally-touring Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int’l and collaborating extensively with musicians from Mali, Ghana, Zambia, and Congo.  Braddock is joined on drums by OBDBI bandmate Makaya McCraven whose 2015 solo album “In The Moment” placed in many jazz critics top ten lists last year.  Upright bassist Junius Paul, featured extensively on McCraven’s record, brings deep groove and dazzling improvisational intuition to make this group’s music rootsy and a riveting live experience.  Tthe group is working on their debut album, a mix of live and studio recording capturing the energy of their live improvisations and the sounds of the African golden age.

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