‘Pon the Wireless NZ

September 20, 2015

Just back from a great trip to New Zealand’s South Island where I gave a masterclass and concert in Christchurch. Christchurch got leveled by an earthquake some years ago, and it was very affecting to see the city still in recovery. We also enjoyed a tsunami warning while there following a quake in Chile–it did hit us though this one had lost most of its energy in the ~10 hrs it took to cross the Pacific Ocean. Mother nature is no joke.

While not dazzling at the mountains and coast, and giggling at the uncountable excess of newborn lambs, I was a guest on one of NZ’s great community radio stations, Plains FM. An hour long interview and live performance is available here, and you also get my mate Doug Brush offering his thoughts on our collaborations in Chicago and travel in West Africa. Give it a spin!

Click here for the Plains FM site